International Lead & Zinc Study Group


Study Group

Chairperson: Mr. Li Yusheng (China)
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Salim Bhabhrawala (United States)

Standing Committee

Chairperson: Mr. Henrique Santos (Portugal)
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Mitsunori Fukuda (Japan)
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Michael Szurlies (Germany)
FInance Member: Mr. Henrique Santos (Portugal)

Statistical and Forecasting Committee

Chairperson: Mr. Erasmus Shivolo (Namibia)
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Jean-François Gaillaud (France)
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Titas Anuskevicius (European Union)

Mine and Smelter Projects Committee

Chairperson: Mr. Giancarlo Urbani (Italy)
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Wayne Cox (Ireland)

Economic and Environment Committee

Chairperson: Mr. Salim Bhabhrawala (United States)
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Peter Akerhammar (Sweden)
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Anton Shukerov (Bulgaria)

Industry Advisory Panel (IAP)

Chairperson: Mr. Michael Schwartz (Peru)

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